Building Safer Communities - Peace by Peace National Youth Violence Prevention Campaign
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Day 01

This day, sponsored by the Teaching Tolerance, provides an opportunity to address common challenges facing today's youth such as prejudice, bullying and disrespect. Click here for lesson plans and activity ideas focusing on this day's strategy provided by Teaching Tolerance.

Here are some additional ways that you can create more inclusive schools...

  • Conduct an essay contest on respect and tolerance. Have the winning essay read at an event or during morning announcements.
  • Reach out to the unreached. Challenge all students to get to know at least one student they do not know.
  • Kick off the week by participating in My Voice Can Stop Violence Day events coordinated by our silver sponsor, Students Talking About Respect (STAR)
  • Demonstrate how respect and tolerance are fundamental aspects of our life as a democratic society using lessons developed by the Constitutional Rights Foundation-Chicago
  • Have a class discussion/role play on the importance of showing respect.
  • Use teambuilding activities that emphasize sharing and group participation.
  • Identify examples of respect and lack of respect for others in history and literature.
  • Assign research papers on different cultures and how they show respect to one another.
  • Hold a "Culture Celebration Day" where dress, activities and decorations reflect different cultures from around the world.
  • Have students pair up with a student from a different culture and allow them to "shadow" each other for a day to see what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes.
  • Review the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and discuss how your school and community support these rights.
  • Create a quilt of diversity using pieces of fabric that represent each student's cultural heritage.
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Day 01

Educational Tools & Celebration Items
Promote violence prevention strategies and inspire classroom, school and community involvement with these and other unique resources*...

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