Building Safer Communities - Peace by Peace National Youth Violence Prevention Campaign
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Day 04

This day, sponsored by the National Youth Court Center, provides an opportunity to teach students, staff and the community about specific safety initiatives. Some of the issues that can fall under this strategy include preventing school violence by informing adults about specific threats, avoiding risky behaviors such as playing with guns, and stranger safety. Click here for lesson plans and activities designed for this day by the National Youth Court Center.

Here are some additional activities to teach students how to support safety...

  • Conduct a safety-themed poster contest. Display and let students or faculty judge.
  • Start a school crime watch program. Consider including a student patrol that helps keep an eye on corridors, parking lots, etc.
  • Use materials from The Good Knight Empowerment Network to inspire youth to protect one another and to teach younger children about stranger safety.
  • Prepare a school safety public information brochure or fact sheet.
  • Develop a suggestion box or phone line asking for ways to improve safety or provide anonymous tips.
  • Coordinate a safety day with local rescue agencies providing exhibits and activities.
  • Introduce an anonymous reporting system in your school so that students can report potential violence. For more information, visit
  • Set up a table or area where students can identify safe and unsafe places in their school or surrounding communities.
  • Launch a mentoring program with your local police department through which students are mentored by police officers.
  • Direct your School Safety Committee to promote school violence incident reporting and tracking.
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Day 04

Educational Tools & Celebration Items
Promote violence prevention strategies and inspire classroom, school and community involvement with these and other unique resources*...

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